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There are so many Bible verses about humility. So many verses about being a servant.

But isn’t it just so easy to be into ourselves?

Selfishness takes different forms.
It takes shape in the “I just need to do this for myself” and in the “I think I’m a pretty humble person” and in the “I don’t need help,” and the “my face looks ugly today.”

Selfishness doesn’t have one face,

one side,

one shade.

It looks like pride,

and self-pity,

and self-hate.

Self-hate is selfishness. Ouch. How guilty are we?

I came home today and dropped my bag on the counter. And then it smacked me. I wish I was exaggerating. But I was hit in the face with my own selfishness. The thought was so strong.

“Allison, have you thought about anyone else but yourself today?”

And dang, it hurt.
It stung.
Because it was true.

We get caught up in our own lives.
It happens so often.
In our world of loud protests, and selfies, and following our dreams, we miss it.
We miss it completely.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." Rick Warren

I love that quote and I think about it often. You may have heard it before too. (Sometimes it is (wrongfully) attributed to CS Lewis)

We think about ourselves less when our lives begin to not be about us.
Our life isn’t ours.
And I understand if that makes anyone uncomfortable because it’s just so against culture and what we’re taught to believe

(especially in the United States).
We weren’t made to display our own image, we were made to display His.

There is freedom in our life not being about us.
In our life being about something bigger than ourselves, we are free. We can take a breath that we are not the ones to hold everything together. We are not the answer to every problem. We are not the cure to the pain. Only our God can save, provide, and heal.
We need to stop giving God-sized jobs to ourselves.

Sometimes when we’re the paintbrush in God’s hand, we expect the world to praise the paintbrush instead of the artist. Let’s not get this twisted.

Instead of putting expectations on our life, let’s live expectantly for God to move. 

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