the easter hangover

(Selah Instrumental feat. Nathan Prior by Cory Asbury)



Jesus died on the cross for my sins and on the third day He rose again to give us the gift of eternal life with Him.


It’s the story of Easter.

A story I’ve heard close to a million times.

I can even feel my apathy as I typed the first sentence.

Did you read it in a monotone voice, too?


Easter has become a script for me.

"He is risen.

He is risen, indeed!"

Why does it not pierce my heart?

Why does the story of the risen Savior not shake me?


Our God is alive, we sing. 

Yes, alive, got it, where is He?

Where is He in my life?

Why does it continue to be "my life" in the light of this story?

When is the last time I did something for only His glory?

When is the last time I didn’t get or want credit?

When was the last time I did something and didn’t tell someone?

When was my last action truly for the GLORY of God?

If glorifying God isn't our aim, we've missed it.

We've missed it completely, friends. 


We showed up to sing: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Do we know what hallelujah means?

Do we even comprehend what we are singing?

Hallelujah (in translation) : Praise The Lord.

We’re so caught up in the praise of ourselves and the things in our lives.

How could we fully praise Him?


The sun was out and the plastic eggs were hidden.

All of the pastels and church attendance means nothing

if we are not changed.

We sing these songs,

We say these scripts,

We rush into the next moment without fully entering the one we are already in.

On a day we've devoted to it, we so often miss the gospel.


We try to squeeze the gospel celebration into one day out of our year.

We try to fit the weight of eternity into 24 hours.

I just find it so interesting that we do that.


The day after Easter and we’re back to our normal, right?

Back to our real lives. 

A life without baby blues and pinks and yellows.

A life without the gospel choir following us around.  

Some of you are probably even asking: 

"why is she still talking about easter? It's over."




We overdose one day a year on the Gospel. 

And here we are, needing a detox -- 

a cleanse from our own socially appropriate Christianity. 


We need to carve and scrape away all of the apathy and obligation that we've built around this one day a year. 


Knock down your Lego house of everything you believe, and build it back up.

Because the true Gospel stands firm to every rock you throw. 


What a great injustice the Gospel is. 

That our God died on a tree He made.

That He left heaven and came down to our stupid, broken earth and lived a perfect life. 

He loved and served.

He was murdered.

And while hanging on a torture device,

He thought of your name.

He thought of your name as He bore every sin you've committed

and every sin you will ever commit. 


Because He loves you.

He loves you that much.

And He wants to spend forever with you.


Yes, let's rejoice for what Christ has done for us.


But let's not pretend the Gospel is "pretty" and "nice".

Let's not pretend like it only comes out one day a year. 

Let's dig deeper into our belief until it becomes real to us. 

Press into our doubts. 


There is so much more to discover of Jesus,

we couldn't find the end if we tried. 

Because if Easter is just one day a year, we are cheating ourselves out of a life of abundance.

Easter is for eternity. 

Easter is now. 







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