music to my soul

 I love music if you can't tell, and I can really listen to anything (but I'm like, a faith blog so we'll keep it vanilla).

I love my record player, spotify, car radio -- if it plays music, I love it. My instagram feed is occasionally taken up by concert videos. I apologize.

(If you ever have an extra ticket to any concert, I will go.)

Here are my top artists currently (and typically, always): 

1. Penny & Sparrow

Of course they're always my number one, slicing my heart open since 2013.

2. Johnnyswim 

This married couple KILLS it.

3. Hollyn 


Her song "In Awe" will have me crying in 2.5 seconds.

4. Bishop Briggs


Sassy, classy, and fabulous? Yes please, thank you.

5. Nathan Sykes

This may seem super random. But I'm a sucker for a good serenade.  "Famous" is a solid jam.

6. Tori Kelly 


 I'm pretty sure she's an angel and not a human.

7. ...Twenty-One Pilots (okay, by me putting them on here, you have to PROMISE me to listen to another song other than Stressed Out, Ride, or Heathens, okay?)

Two amazing (Christian) guys. With more depth and talent than the radio will ever play.

The playlist I've been listening to recently is below!

Happy listening!

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