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We're always looking for a little encouragement, a little love. I happen to know some amazing women that have so much to give!

There's nothing that I love more than strong women in leadership! (Can I get an "Amen"??) *praise hands*

1. The Bud Co.

This sassy & classy duo are about to release their first publication that you NEED to have! We all feel a little lost when the conversation turns to identity, they're publication explores pursuing identity in Christ and weeding out the lies that keep us hiding. It combines lifestyle articles, workbook pages, and soul-scrubbing words to cheer us on in the pursuit of more of Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I could use a little more of that in my life! Join in the fun now because I have a feeling these ladies are going places!

Check it out and pre-order it now at a discounted price:



2. Tricia Patterson

This wife and momma KILLS it when it comes to making her love for Jesus shine! 

Check out her Fan into Flames discipleship program (that I just went through!!) along with her devotionals. 

Check her out here:

Insta: @tlpat

Check out all her cool stuff at:

3. "Dance Stand and Run" by Jess Connolly

From my seminary gal pal @jennabtomlinson

"You don't say that you SHOULD eat chocolate, you don't say you SHOULD go on vacation. You probably don't wring your hands in stress about having to get a massage. You GET to do those things, or wish you could. They're life-giving and enjoyable. They're treats. Privileges..So why in the world does life with Jesus feel like a burden for so many of us? Why does reading our Bible or praying feel like a SHOULD? That's basically all @dancestandrun is about. The idea that when we taste and see that God is good and abundant life is ours, it will feel less like staying inside the lines and keeping the rules and more like agreeing with the beautiful, holy identity that God has written for us." - @jessaconnolly. Mic. Drop. So good."

Insta: @dancestandandrun

4. Kayla Farr!!

My sweet friend Kayla is starting her lifestyle blog, you should definitely check her out! Full of fun, style, beauty, faith, fashion -- everything!

insta: @farrfromperfectblog

5. the newly-wife chronicles

This amazing friend of mine Hannah Feiner kicks off her blog SO soon! Definitely a blog I'll be following! She is such a genuine soul and a breath of fresh air!

Check her out!

insta: @thenewlywifechronicles

What other ladies do you look up to and follow?? Comment if you want!

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