taylor swift & her reputation


I went out and bought the Reputation album like any other 23 year old woman when it came out. I really didn't feel like waiting 3 weeks for it to be put on Spotify, you know?


Let's be real, I've been a Taylor Swift fan since my older sister showed me "Teardrops on My Guitar" on her car radio in 2007. (Shout out to Erica, hi)

(Fearless was her prime for sure, but that's not what this conversation is about.)


I kept the CD in my car and listened through it a few times. 

It was fine — my old Swift fan heart cracked a little — but I made it out alive. 


One song took my attention. It's called "King of My Heart". You may have heard it or you may not have. 


This is basically the chorus:

And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for
King of my heart, body and soul, ooh whoa
And all at once, you're all I want I'll never let you go
King of my heart, body and soul, ooh whoa


Really the title was just to get your attention, this blog isn't really about Taylor Swift or which of her “eras” is the best. So Taylor, if you're reading this, don't worry. I think you're super talented. This is not a Taylor Swift attack. (I feel like I have to say that so I don’t get hate mail or something) — I just think you have it a little backwards in this one. I’m using this song to highlight an even greater issue.


The sentiment is sweet in theory. We hear it all of the time: 

“He/she’s my EVERYTHING!” 

We giggle and move on with our lives.


I just find the wording in Taylor’s song to be so interesting: king of my heart.


It’s the truth: we do have a throne on our heart. All of us. Whether you’re a Christian or not. 


I’ve heard some sort of sermon like this a million times — the pastor asks: “who or what are you worshipping? Whaaat is on the altar of your life??” 


I think it’s a good question to ask, but I almost like “who/what is the king of your heart?” better. I think it describes the feeling well.


I’ll cut to the chase:


Friends, if you have a person as the king of your heart, you will be forever discontent.


If your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, spouse, that person you have a huge crush on, is consuming your thoughts and you have them on the throne of your life — you will never ever be satisfied. If you have your identity wrapped around “being someone’s _____”, you will over and over again be disappointed. 


If you’re singing to Taylor Swift’s tune of another person being a ruler over your heart, body, and soul — you will get hurt.


I love my husband, I love the marriage that we have built in these first 4 months — but he is not and will never be the king of my heart. Marriage is not a bandaid for your wounds. Marriage is not a solution to your problems. Marriage is a covenant with another person for the rest of your lives, 

not an end to the search of your soul.


A significant other doesn’t belong there.

A parent’s approval doesn’t belong there.

Your academic success doesn’t belong there.

Your bank account number doesn’t belong there.

Your addiction doesn’t belong there.

Your follower count and popularity doesn’t belong there.


When we give the throne on our heart to the wrong owner, it will consume us. It will dwell and fester and overwhelm. 


What is it?

What makes you overwhelmingly anxious?

What do you find yourself thinking about?

Who are you giving the power over you?

Who/What is the king of your heart?


The lyric just overall spurred something in me. I just remember being in relationships that weren’t healthy because I would give that person too much of my heart, body, and soul. I write because I want to protect you. I want to point you towards my King. 


My king is Jesus Christ. And that throne is for Christ and Christ alone.

Because He is a King that never leaves, never harms, and never disappoints. He is a Heavenly Father that stays when maybe earthly fathers would leave. He is the giver of peace when this world offers chaos. He is shelter and refuge, when we give other people way too much stock in our lives. He is sacrifice, when this world (and we) are just so dang selfish.


You always have a chance to make a change and get out of whatever situation you’re in and whatever choices you are making. Please tell me or anyone — the enemy has power over secret. 

I truly believe everything that we do begins with who and what is the king of our hearts. 


I don’t know, I just heard the song and spent a lot of weeks thinking about how twisted the message was and what I could say to it. I think maybe if Taylor knew the truth, she wouldn’t be in such an identity crisis. Who knows?