feeling inferior 

this fight, this battle

I should feel inferior

I shouldn't feel this way

I deserve it

I don't

It's holy

or it's ugly

People make me

I make me

I can control it

but I don't

I let it wash







I'm comfortable down here,

but everyone is tall

taller than me

leave me here

I'll be fine

I'lll be fine

I'll stay small

if it helps

Will it help?

Can it help?

How can I help?

Small enough to fit in the cracks

that no one else can.

That's how they like me

or maybe that's how I like me

Maybe they don't even notice

at all

Maybe I put me here

Maybe unnoticed is best

Maybe their attention would be too much

It has never helped before

Attention never really feels like love, 


Attention never solves any problems,

it just draws more eyes to it.

As long as I stay here,

I'll be fine.

As long as I stay here,

they can't be mad.

As long as I stay here, 

they won't see me.

Them seeing me won't fix it,

I'm fine.