SPOTLIGHT - I didn't know

About the Spotlight Writer

Juliana Rey is a proud graduate of Texas A&M and is currently studying Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. She is passionate about the Gospel, meeting people where they are, and Aggie Football. In her spare time, Juliana is probably going to Chick-Fil-A, reading, or hanging out with tiny humans. She hopes to pursue Christian Family Counseling as a full-time career after Seminary.

I didn’t know

by Juliana Rey

“I didn’t know, nobody told me” 

These words were the anthem of my new relationship with Jesus in early high school. I grew up in a loving home with Christian parents who taught me who Jesus was and did their very best with what they had. I love my family deeply now and I did then. But, there were gaps in my theology (there still are). BIG gaps. And the more I sit down and listen to others’ stories, the more I am concerned that I am not alone in these gaps.


The Lord drew me in at the truly weirdest time He could have chosen. I was living in Amsterdam at age 13 and had literally zero Christian friends, no church, and not an ounce of mentorship. Yet, in my desperation, striving, and loneliness, I remembered the Jesus from Sunday school and the comfort I was told He could provide for me. So, I professed faith in Him and it gave me hope…but then what?


I didn’t have a friend to take me to church, there wasn’t an evangelical church to go to, and I had truly just no idea what living like a Christian was. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have sex before marriage or say curse words…but that is really about it. This began my journey of finding out what my beliefs were supposed to say about how I lived. It was a lot of trial and error and finding out what led to destruction the hard way. That’s exactly why I am so convinced that knowing the Bible well is ultimately a good thing for us. It saves us from going in blind.


Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’ (Matt. 22:37)


Jen Wilkin says “the heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” This is one of the most convicting things I have ever come across. If we have scripture posted all across our social media accounts, we pray before meals, or even attend church regularly but we do not know what God has revealed about Himself clearly in scripture, what are we doing? To truly grasp the depth to which God deserves more than we could ever offer in praise, love and adoration, it is crucial that we understand the Bible. In doing so, we see that we do not need to make a sacrifice for every sin committed as described in Leviticus, because Jesus fulfilled that requirement on our behalf. We understand the theology of the pain and suffering of the world through David’s lament in the Psalms. We see the way Jesus treated those who could offer Him nothing with incredible dignity and respect in the Gospels. Understanding scripture leads to increased understanding of ourselves, our lives, and our Savior.


Ladies, I know that a cute handwritten verse or quote is a fun thing to post. I post plenty myself, but if that is the basis of our faith then something is wrong. As the greatest commandment preaches, my prayer is that we are a generation of women who love the Lord our God with all of our heart and soul as well as our minds.  


So, what does this look like? I’m still not sure. In my life, I have found that podcasts are great tools for learning. Also- reading and if you aren’t a reader, audiobooks! It might sound like the biggest grind, but the discipline of honoring your Creator with your mind is so worth it. So, let’s keep posting the cutesy handwritten Bible verses and in doing so, better understand the context in which they were written.