About the Spotlight Author

Hey Friends! My name Katrina, but I go by Kat. I live in Southern California and have a deep love for coffee, community and deep conversations. I have witnessed the power of redemption and freedom in Christ first hand and am now grateful for every opportunity to share about The Gospel, arguably the greatest story ever told. I am passionate about the local church and what God is doing throughout the world. I am incredibly grateful to work with Remember the Children, a non-profit dedicated to children and their communities in Romania and Tanzania. I am also a visual storyteller as I run social media accounts for a number of organizations and individuals. It is my hope that this love note speaks to a very specific part of your heart!

Xo, Kat

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” - 1 Corinthians 15:57

I have always believed there is tremendous power in our story. I am realizing there is even more power when we decide the vantage point that we share our story from. We can share our story as that of a victim or as a victor. I’ve experienced years of trauma, pain & betrayal. There have been long seasons where I have lost all hope and couldn’t see how there would be an ounce of redemption. However, it is up to us to make the choice. We find victory in our story because of the God we serve, because of the cross Jesus died upon. We proclaim victory over all of our trials and circumstances because early Sunday morning, Jesus Christ rose from the grave with all power and might in His hands.

All too often we share our stories, our pain, our negative experiences with the mindset that we are victims of a bad experience. Please hear my heart; whatever trauma you have endured that has ever made you feel victim is still valid. The experiences that have made you feel less than, unworthy, defeated...I see you. I understand because I have been there. I understand because I too believed that narrative was my destiny. I understand because I too have believed these lies to be an undeniable truth. I am not here to discredit pain, heartbreak or suffering, but I believe God has asked me to tell you one thing that has forever altered how I look at my story...


My dear sister in Christ, you are a Victor. You serve the King of Kings the Lord of Lords. Jesus’ death on the cross will not go by in vain. It is because of His victory that we too proclaim victory over our circumstances. Today, I want you to hear this: You are not a victim, you are a Victor. Thanks to Google, we learn that the definition of victor is:

Victor: a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.

**Also read, a sister in Christ who has and will forever defeat the grave; a daughter of God who will rise in power and strength and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. A beloved creation whose identity, destiny and future is not dependent on their current or past circumstances but in the ability of a Good God who is working it all together for their good.**


In every season, in every circumstance, in every part of our story we can look at the situation and decide how we will move forward. Will we be the victim, or will we rise as a victor knowing that the God we serve has already won the battle?


I felt hope in my suffering when I let community in. I felt hope when I heard “me too” first from a friend, again from a mentor, once more from a hero. I felt hope when I learned that my past does not determine my future. All of this was great, but I didn’t find hope until I fully understood that I am not a Victim but a Victor because of the God I serve.


Today I challenge you, to look the devil up and down. Remind him of his place in the world, his place in eternity. Remind him that he is nothing but a step-stool for your feet. Remind him that you serve the most high God and that whatever evil he was trying to plot in your life will be worked together for your good, and the good of the Kingdom. Remind him that you are on the winning team, that your Savior is a Victor and so by default you are too.


Rise up sweet sister, shake the dust, the pain, the hurt.

Move forward from betrayal, disappointment and heartbreak and walk into your true identity: Victor