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About the Spotlight Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I just started my freshman year at Lubbock Christian University! In my free time, you can find me eating ice cream, practicing my hand lettering, or reading. This summer, I had the privilege of going to Ecuador and Belize on mission trips and I have found missions to be one of my most favorite things! Hopefully, I will get to go on many more mission trips in the future.

by emily gray

I live in West Texas, and when it rains, it always seems to rain dirt. If your car is outside and it is raining, you are going to have to get a car wash tomorrow.

One post-rain afternoon, I was blowing bubbles with the girls that I babysit. We sat on the curb giggling at our attempts to see who could blow the biggest, or longest lasting, or highest traveling bubble. I looked over from the contest because one of the girls, who is four, was walking toward my car and blowing bubbles onto it.

I laughed and said, “Silly girl, what are you doing?”

“Washing your car, it’s dirty!” she replied as if it were the most obvious thing to be done.

Often I would find her (when she thought I wasn’t looking) blowing bubbles in the direction of the car. She continued to do this the remainder of the afternoon.

Later that evening I was telling my mom the story as we giggled about her childlike sense of purpose and I got a feeling that the bubbles meant so much more than what I was seeing.

With the feeling that God was revealing something to me through the bubbles, I went to my Bible. I ended up reading Jeremiah 38:1-13. I encourage you to take out your Bible and read it, but here is the short version: Jeremiah the prophet was thrown into a cistern by men who have accused him of lowering the soldiers’ morale and seeking to harm the people in Babylon. The cistern was not full of water but mud, and Jeremiah was sinking into it. But Ebed-melech, an Ethiopian eunuch, heard about this and went to the king. Being told to take thirty men and help Jeremiah, verse 11 tells us that, “Ebed-melech took the men with him and went to the house of the king, to a wardrobe in the storehouse, and took from there old rags and worn-out clothes, which he let down to Jeremiah in the cistern by ropes.”

Using rags Ebed-melech saved Jeremiah. Using worn-out clothes Ebed-melech saved Jeremiah. He simply used what he had to fulfill God’s will.

And that’s what the little girl I was babysitting was doing. She was using what she had to fulfill a big purpose. She didn’t have a car wash, but she had bubbles, so she was going to try. We need to have this mindset in our daily walks. Too often we don’t set out to do anything because we want to wait until we can do something extravagant or glamorous. We wait until we have a car wash instead of using the bubbles we have now.

There’s nothing wrong with doing something extravagant or big for God. But, there is something wrong with not using our gifts now in the name of using them later. You have a dream to start a nonprofit that will serve orphans in a third world country? Serve the orphans in your hometown now. You have a dream to write a book that inspires others? Talk to the lady in line next to you and inspire her now. If we don’t choose to honor God in the small moments now, we are not going to be able to honor God in the big moments later.

For example, take a look at David. We all know his story: shepherd boy turned giant slayer. David was able to kill Goliath because he used his talents when no one was watching and therefore was able to do something great when everyone was watching. We see in 1 Samuel 17 that David had killed lions and bears while tending to his sheep. Had David chosen to perform his shepherding duties with less dedication, he would not have honed the skill necessary to kill Goliath in battle. He could sling a stone to kill a bear, so why not Goliath? God prepared David in the everyday, mundane moments so that in the future he would defeat a giant.

We can’t wait for a bigger, better, more flashy opportunity to exercise our faith. If we choose to be faithful now, the opportunity will come, and we will be ready when it does.

Recently, I was listening to K-Love and I heard Josh Wilson’s song, “Dream Small” and it portrays this exact message. I highly suggest you go give it a listen but it goes a little like this:

Dream small

Don't bother like you've gotta do it all

Just let Jesus use you where you are

One day at a time

Live well

Loving God and others as yourself

Find little ways where only you can help

With His great love

A tiny rock can make a giant fall

Dream small

It's visiting the widow down the street

Or dancing on a Friday with your friend with special needs

These simple moments change the world

Of course, there's nothing wrong with bigger dreams

Just don't miss the minutes on your way, your bigger things, no

'Cause these simple moments change the world

So good right?? This world doesn’t need more Christians who only act when in the spotlight or when the moment is just right. This world needs more Christians who use the bubbles and stones that they already have to make a day-to-day difference.


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